“It was so moving to stand inside this gem of a synagogue; envisioning the many members and visitors who have found peace and sanctuary here over the centuries”.
Ellen Paderson

Congregation Mikve Israel-Emanuel is the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the Western Hemisphere. Its Sephardic tradition dates back to 1651, when Jewish merchants emigrated from the Netherlands to develop trade between the Caribbean and Europe.

The Jewish Museum adjacent to the Synagogue holds treasures of Sephardic and Curacaoan culture.

This beautiful complex stands not only as a testament to the history and survival of a culture, but as the center of a still-thriving community. Visitors are captivated by the entire experience of the synagogue and its adjacent Museum and shop. The sacred space permeates Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations with a sense of history, solemnity and calm that participants will never forget.

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The sand floor of the Curacao Synagogue tells a story!